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William, Colin and Bruce met at a local tactical shooting group in Calgary, Alberta.

Bruce was once described by his daughter as a Red Neck with an MBA. While working for a Western Canadian Outdoors store the question was often asked ‘Why are we doing this or Why are we carrying these products and why not this other brand’. The answer was often because of the profit margin on the individual item or brand. The rebuttal was ‘Yes, but have you ever shot these? Do you purchasers actually shoot?’ The MBA understood the profit margin but the Red Neck had pulled the trigger enough to know what the customers wanted. The original Browning BPS was 34 years old and still running just fine.

Together Bill, Colin and Bruce asked and answered many questions about firearms, ammunition and firearms training. The question most often asked by one or all was ‘Why do the retailers do this or carry that. Have you ever shot one of those?’ When we found out what we liked we started looking for where we could get the product. Over many months (and a few beers) the plan for Chinook Shooting came together.

We won’t sell anything we wouldn’t shoot ourselves. If we provide firearms instruction we test the theories on ourselves first. The best way to sell firearms … when a customer asks you about certain firearm show him/her yours with all the blueing lovingly worn off from usage.

William Scott

William Scott


Serial Entrepreneur and Business Coach

William Scott, Founder of Chinook Firearms, is a passionate serial entrepreneur, angel investor, business coach, and mentor. His constant drive, thirst for knowledge, and strong desire to give back to the community make him a sought after leader.

While relatively new to the firearms community, William has keenly embraced both tactical and sport shooting. He believes that knowledge is power and thus created Chinook Firearms Academy to help students learn basic firearm safety through advanced shooting skills.

Canadian gun laws can be complex and Bill is excited to bring his business acumen and coaching skills to the Canadian entrepreneurs that make our small industry possible.

Bill has trained most of his life in a variety of martial arts. More recently, he has trained in CQB, knife defense, tactical pistol, carbine, and shotgun, and also precision rife. You will often find him at local IDPA or Steel Challenge matches and this year plans to try his hand at IPSC and 3-Gun.

Colin Reardon

Colin Reardon


Colin is clearly the best shooter of the group, and obviously the most handsome amongst the founders of Chinook Shooting. He is a long time entrepreneur in Calgary with an exciting and varied work history. He has worked as a commercial pilot, underground infrastructure specialist, and construction superintendent. Colin began shooting gophers on the family farm at age 5 and bought his first pistol the day he turned 18. Firearms were an important part of his life when he lived in the Canadian Arctic, both for protection against predators, and hunting for food.

Colin is a family man with three young children. He can’t wait to teach them firearms skills, safe practices, and introduce them into the firearms industry through safe competition.

Colin has spent countess weeks in firearms training in the United States and Canada. He has trained with many different schools and instructors to get a broad scope of knowledge across all types of firearms.   

He has a knack for the nitty gritty and working with his hands. His passion borders on the obsessive   when it comes to reloading, dialling in his firearms, loading for precision, and trying to squeeze the most accuracy out of his guns. He is most interested in the detail-oriented aspects of shooting like precision shooting and reloading.   

Christian "Pinch" Wright

Christian "Pinch" Wright


Pinch has 12 years in the security contracting industry and another 6 years as a professional instructor for law enforcement and civilians. Pinch specialized in Close Protection Services, specifically motorcade operations. He was team leader of operations for over 9 years on 3 different continents, with over 75 successful details.

Pinch also brings a background in emergency medical and TCCC to the team, offering Officer Down courses, basic battle band aid training and k9 medical training.


  • Firearms training (handgun, carbine, and shotgun)
  • Basic and advanced medical training
  • CQB/shoot house
  • Force on force scenario training
  • CP services and training
  • Motorcade training