Pistol 101


Course Description

Going to the range for the first time can be intimidating. This course teaches all the basics you need to have fun, be safe, and start improving your shooting skills. You will learn range terminology and etiquette, how to shoot, and how to clean your firearm. We’ll leave you with suggestions for future range visits so you can grow your shooting skills on your own. Above all, this course is relaxed and fun.

We keep our class sizes small so you will have plenty of one-on-one time with our instructor to give you the confidence you need to succeed.


2.5 hours


$175 CAD

Who should attend

  • Anyone who wants to become more familiar with their firearm and range etiquette.

What you need to bring

  • Your pistol (one per course)
  • Your firearms license
  • Magazines
  • Ammunition (200 rounds)
  • Eye and ear protection


  • Students must have their Canadian Restricted Possession & Acquisition License

Upcoming Dates

Coming soon

What you will learn

  • Range Terminology and Etiquette
    • Safely handling your firearm at the range
    • Safe handling areas – what’s okay and what’s not
    • Ventilation and Lighting
    • Putting up targets
    • Loading and unloading – where and how to
    • Calling or reacting to a ceasefire
    • Behavior on the firing line – what’s acceptable and what’s not
    • Amnesty boxes
  • Basic Skills
    • Stance
    • Grip
    • Aiming
    • Target acquisition
    • Shooting
    • Breathing
    • Reloading
  • Suggestions for future range visits
    • How to improve your accuracy
    • Finding drills and targets to make lane shooting more fun
    • Self diagnosing your shots
  • Malfunctions and what to do about them
    • Learn the most common reasons your gun doesn’t go “bang” and what to do about them.
  • Field stripping and basic cleaning
    • How to disassemble your firearm
    • Checking for wear
    • Basic cleaning
    • Reassembly and testing