Reloading Ammunition for Precision Shooting

Course Description

Learn how to load ammunition to produce the most pinpoint accuracy out of your firearm Whether for big game hunting, competition, or simple target practice, this course will teach you to squeeze the most out of your firearm, whether it’s a precision tactical rifle, or the family heirloom hunting rifle that was handed down to you. Learn to reload for precision to shoot accurately while saving money. Building accurate ammo is critical to developing your skills as a long distance shooter.

We keep our class sizes small so you will have plenty of one-on-one time with our instructor to give you the confidence you need to succeed.


2 days


$295 CAD

Who should attend

  • Anyone wishing to squeeze the most accuracy out of their firearm should take this course.

What you need to bring

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  • None

Upcoming Dates

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What you will learn

  • Reloading Safety overview – safe storage and handling of reloading components, safe procedures, and PPE for reloading;
  • Equipment selection – types of reloading equipment, properly setting up and calibrating;
  • Understanding the difference – military brass vs commercially available, once fired, fire formed;
  • Sorting Cases – Understanding pressure signs, case life, brass flow, spotting cracked cases;
  • Cartridge component selection – how to sift through the endless sea of bullets, brass, and powders available on the market to build a cartridge that suits your need;
  • Understanding theory – overview of headspace, casing pressure, powder burn speed, measuring lands, fire forming, and how these all effect accuracy;
  • Prepping Brass Properly – Cleaning, sizing, trimming, chamfering, flash hole deburring, primer pocket uniforming;
  • The advanced prep stuff – Turning case necks, checking concentricity, weighing brass, measuring headspace;
  • Putting the pieces back together – seating primers, charging with powder, bullet seating, seating depth, and O.A.L.
  • Care of reloading equipment, and after the reload;